Quantity Surveyor(QS)

What do you know about quantity surveyor?

Basically, the Quantity Surveyor is the person responsible for figuring out just what a building is going to cost and in some cases for making sure that construction costs and production are managed as efficiently as possible. In some of today’s projects there may be many millions of dollars involved.

A Quantity Surveyor can identify and collate the costs involved in order to develop an overall budget for any project. They can then undertake cost planning which aims to help all members of the design team arrive at practical solutions and stay within the project budget.

Yes,there are some information about quantity surveyor that actually I collected from New Zealand Institute of Quantity Surveyors site.

Do you know why I want to post about quantity surveyor?

My ambition is want to be a profesional quantity surveyor. I am interested to be a quantity surveyor because I want to continue my father’s legacy.He has opened his own company based on QS.His headquaters was in Shah Alam,Selangor.He has opened many branches in Malaysia such as Melaka,Johor,Sabah and Perak.

Thus,it’s my responsibility to continue his hard work and try to raise the level of this company to the highest level.

How to become a quantity surveyor and get the “Sr.” title in Malaysia?

In Malaysia,there are many local universities that providing the QS course from foundation,diploma,degree,master’s and phD.Usually, it will take about 3 1/2 years to 4 years to complete to the degree level.At the end of your semester,you will be transfered to the selected local company as trainee or you can call it as practical for about 6 months.From there,you can use all the knowledge you have learn from your university.Besides that, you can learn how to adapt in an office environment.

This are some universities and college in Malaysia that providing the QS course.









After you graduate, you have to register with Board Of Quantity Surveyor Malaysia(BQSM) and Institution Of Surveyors Malaysia(ISM) to qualify you as a quantity surveyor and get the “Sr.” title.In order to get the certificate, you have to take their exam and pass the exam.Once you have passed the exam, therefore you are qualified as a QS and you can start your own company.


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Thank you.


Author: ourealife

I'm 17 years old and I'm new in blogging.I live in Malaysia.This blog was created to show people around the world about what is happening around us.

4 thoughts on “Quantity Surveyor(QS)”

  1. Hi there! Its nice to read what u wrote about quantity surveying. Thanks a lot for the information. I would like to ask you some question and hopefully u may provide some advice for me. I am currently studying a QS degree which is accredited by RICS but unfortunately not by ISM or BQSM. Does that mean that I can work at Malaysia after I graduate? Or I can still work and take necessary examinations to qualify myself? Thanks!

    1. Hi! Sorry for the late reply as I have not updating this blog for such a long period. I am busy with my classes, test and assignments. From what I’ve heard, you still can work in Malaysia as ISM or BQSM have collaboration with RICS in producing excellent QS graduates. You just have to pass their examination. I am happy to see there are people commenting my blog. Thank you for visiting 🙂

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